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We at Omegatronix collect data after researching the market to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.


Through immense data collection we are able to come up with a plan to target the right kind of audience for your business. We break down our planning into small steps for you, so that your business can carry it out without any complications. 


After analyzing your business we also give you a breakdown of how to best use your resources against time and productivity.


If there is any conflict present at your business, we try to come up with digital solutions on how to best resolve it and move forward.


We at ΩmegatroniX try to exhibit leadership qualities by trying to take on over the most complex projects & resolve them as per the clients needs.


Once our projects are delivered we make sure our clients our fully satisfied with it, & we provide after sales support to our valuable clients.


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Uncover all the ways in which businesses succeed with ΩmegatroniX

CARHIRED Sharjah recreates the future of rental cars with new apps and digital remapping
CARHIRED Dubai is a leader when comes to providing rental car services to corporate and local sector. The brand came into light with in 2005 with just fleet of 20 cars. The fleet has grown significantly throughout the years and now has a fleet of 500 cars. CARHIRED was experiencing issues related to
• Real disruption in Fleet management
• Incoherent Data Storage
• High operational cost due to increase in number of outlets
• Outdated manual logging process
• System crashing and choking
• Decreased workers’ productivity and quality of work
How OMEGATRONIX transformed CARHIRED and gave it a new life to counter the crisis of COVID19. CARHIRED used off-the-shelf business solution on the recommendation of their IT team but after using the system for 6 months they started experiencing excessive delays and system crashes due to large number of extra features which were of no use to CARHIRED and were slowing down their system. After interviewing nine different software development companies, they chose OMEGATRONIX to custom design a new app that would fully automate their operations.
What we delivered:
Our software architect team spent 30 days doing a deep surfing to capture a clear picture of what Carhired actually wanted. Our team transformed how Carhired used to manage processes like rental and commercial fleet leasing from end to end through a newly formulated app, CARX.
• CARX provided a single highly interactive user interface offering a connected experience where customers and workforce interacted seamlessly.
• New App Cloud helps their sales team to manage leads; payments and receipts in queue more efficiently in real-time.
• We designed and build a back-end function to provide online video training for employees.
• Even in the period of Pandemic, the company reduced its office running expenses to 36% and witnessed 24% increase in profits in first 3 months.
• Due to exceptional performance, our company was given another project of revamping their brand and social media advertising.
Now the CARHIRED guarantees the best rates with minimum booking time required.

Discover how MOSAIC LIVE created and experiential journey with our well thought Digital Marketing strategy

MOSIAC Live is a Boutique Event Management Agency with a diverse team of creative strategists and project managers, who conceptualize, design, and deliver impactful experiences. They intend to produce quality events for renowned brands. They have an ambition to become one of the leading turnkey live communication agencies in the region.

From the start of their inception, their marketing campaigns were comprised of traditional marketing channels such as TV, magazines, and radio. Unfortunately, it was not delivering the results expected. MOSIAC LIVE knew their target customers but were not able to reach and persuade them with their pitch. After number of discussions with our team, we outlined certain issues they were facing:

  • Reduced website traffic
  • Limited brand awareness
  • Outdated lead generation infrastructure
  • Slow processing of boosting conversion rate from lead to sale
  • Unfriendly user interface

How ΩmegatroniX tailored their digital strategy and execution

We started from the scratch; we restructured their website design and UX. At the time of our engagement, the organic traffic to the site was terribly low due to no placement of SEO strategy or optimized keywords; the content was flowing randomly with no apparent purpose defined for user needs.